Exercise at home

CBG CyberBodyGuard

Watches your fitness

  • Does your back hurt or you have locomotive troubles?
  • Are you tired or tensed?
  • Are you overweight and you do not know how to start to move?
  • Do you want to improve your physical and psychical condition?
  • Would you like to be in a good shape?

CBG will make you possible to stay in a good shape everyday and také care of your good health.

In all just above mentioned cases the world new product CBG will effectively help you.

  • CBG checks your state of health.
  • CBG is your personal therapist and coach.

Why use CBG system? 

 Every day is our body exposed to many adverse influences - unilateral load, stress, imbalanced food, unsuitable water intake…A sound body is able to deal with these impacts, but if they are too strong and repeat very often or our body is weakened and so it cannot compensate them sufficiently. First of all, we can feel it as fatigue and not well-being. Imbalance accumulation causes health troubles that, if their cause is not eliminated, can cause illness. Each of us suffers from imbalances and functional disorders and as an iceberg shows only its peak above a water surface so also all of us begin to feel troubles on the spot of growing and accumulated imbalancecs. CBG is the expert and information system that objectively and independently evaluates imbalances and functional locomotive system disorders and consequently indicates a suitable therapy.

CBG is your personal therapist who is always available to you.       

By means of CBG is possible to improve health troubles and also prevent illness, i. e. to indicate the stage of its possible beginning and development, but the ilness itself has not came to light yet. Responsive diagnostic part CBG can diagnose even disbalances that we cannot realise because they do not cause us troubles yet.

Except preventive health care CBG helps in other cases such as:

  • back and joint aches,  
  • locomotive troubles,
  • disk prolapses,
  • a defective body posture,
  • scoliosis,
  • conditions after injuries and operations,
  • blood supply troubles („cold legs“),
  • immunity weakening,
  • hormonal imbalancecs,
  • fatigue and tension,
  • psychosomatic disorders,
  • physical and psychical condition improvement.      

For whom is the CBG system suitable? 

For everybody who regularly wants to care of his/her health condition. CBG is suitable for home use, everyday health check and care of an individual health condition by knowledgeable users.

CBG can be used by sportsmen as well as by people who are going to start a regular exercises. It is a valuable tool for people with health troubles for improvement of their health condition.

How to start with CBG system?

We recommend to pass out a one day practical workshop where you will acquaint with CBG system and its possibilities you will personally try it on you and learn how to effectively use it. If you cannot pass out the training course, it is necessary  to undergo examination in one of specialised centres CK where specialists will explain you possible contraindications, they will teach you how to exercise, recommend a suitable set of exercise program and other individual measures in a lifestyle change. In the CBG training course or on demand in a CK specialised centre you wil get access to secured pages where you can download the setup program, its manual and furher valuable information for effective CBG system use.

How use CBG system?

It is suitable to use the CBG system everyday, the best time is in the morning and evening to keep our body in an optimal condition. A total time span in preventive exercises is 15 – 20 minutes. There is a posibility of composing combinations of therapeutical procedures from chosen ways how to influence locomotive system (tools) functions. For example, if some kind of exercise fits me, one program from Home GYM is sufficient with occasional completion with a different exercise or a treatment in a specialised centre is completely sufficient for everyday treatment.

In case that I want to use more exercises alternately according to my momentary condition and especially if more than only one person (e. g. all the family) will work with the system, it is suitable to use a home diagnostic and exrecise centre Home Complex.

CBG principle.

CBG uses famous finding that a locomotive system acts like a screen that projects information about a whole body functions. These information is possible to record by means of the expert and information system, decode and use for a condition influence. The locomotive system is a gate for entering of important body information as well. By means of targeted operation on various locomotive system parts we can input to body necessary instructions for physical and psychical balance and recovery.                                                                                        

The expert and information CBG system evaluates current whole body condition and designs several procedures (e.g. a set of exercises) that at a very moment effectively help a quick balance recovery. It is not necessary to search complicatedly how to relieve a body from troubles. It has been done for us by teams of professionals who were searching a body activities for many years and than they passed these findings to a computer program. CBG comprises data of official medicine fields, mainly orthopaedics, neurology, myoskeletal medicine and rehabilitation. It uses experience from traditional east techniques, e.g. yoga, acupuncture, feng shui. It combines „west“ and „east“ medicine attitude.

Body condition check.

CBG consists of diagnostic and therapeutic part. The first one consists in implementation of several testing exercises. Our task is imitation of motions that are done by a body in a green and then evaluate how much we succeed in a motion imitation.

The image of a motion that we cannot do correctly we mark with a clik. CBG evaluates from entered data our current condition and displays it in a graph. By a regular CBG using we can watch how our condition is being changed in a course of time.

A result of each implemented diagnostics is displayed in a column. Height and colour of each column specifies a total imbalance of locomotive system. The higher a column is the bigger imbalance is found. Green columns show a good condition. If the imbalance is repeatedly displayed with a red colour, it can be recommended to undergo a checkup or consultation in a professional centre. The CBG system for home use displays to a user only a whole mometary condition, but it also saves in the archieve  detailed data about the whole body functions. These information can be red from the archieve only by an expert by means of professional versions of programs.

Possibilities of body condition improvement.

Regular exercise significantly helps improve overall condition. We can find exercise inspiration in a lot of books, undertake various group exercises or do now currently very popular exercises from DVD where an experienced trainer demonstrates exercise list. Every motion adequate to our condition is suitable, but all previously mentioned ways have a key disadvantage because all of them are vague and mostly do not respect individual needs of our body. A better posibility is a use of the PC exercise console where is a posibility to revise an amount of exercises by means of feedback. This solution requires a higher initial investment and it evaluates only basic imbalances deviations, it does not make possible a detailed opinion on the whole body functions and it does not have any support in professional centres.
An ideal exercise is individually adjusted to solve current body imbalances like a key to a lock. To reach it, it would be necessary that our condition should be regulary checked by an experienced therapeutist who would adjust the exercises in accordance with our momentary condition, but it is hardly achievable in our everyday life. CBG system makes it possible easily. It designs individual measures (exercises, massages…) aimed at balance recovery in accordance with momentary body condition and the whole body imbalances diagnosed with a diagnostic part. CBG is a personal therapeutist and coach who is anytime ready to check your body condition and the individual exercise set or treatmnet upgrade and that makes possible to chose a suitable type of exercise or treatment in a relation with the body condition.

What does CBG system provide?

CBG CyberBodyGuard system provides several program series that are dividend according to methods of working, treatment techniques or specialisation on a certain health problem. A user can chose a program that is mostly convenient to his/her needs.

CBG system division according to ways of working with program methods.

Home Player – program series only for treatment design without posibility of diagnostics implementation. A regular cooperation with a professional centre is necessary. These programs are designed only for one person.

Home GYM - program series for design of various ways of treatment. Program makes possible home simplified diagnostics of momentary locomotive system functions and a proposal of one teratment way (a kind of exercise…). These programs are only for one person.

Home Complex – a series of programs enables diagnostics and a choice of treatment proposal with various methods from installed subprograms for treatment design (DISKs). Program can be used by more than only one man.
Home individual - a series of programs enables diagnostics and a choice of treatment that is focused on achievement of a personal individual asymmetry when a treated person feels best. It is especially suitable for sportsmen run asymmetrical sports or for people with inborn asymmetries of locomotive system functions. This program can be used only as an inseparable part of Home Complex.

Treatment way division

The program Home series makes possible a choice of following possibilities of treatments (exercises)

Collection Gymnastic Home uses various kinds of exercises. There are these exercise program series available

  • GYM Classic– an exercise based on controlled way of breathing in a certain position. Particularly, it is suitable for beginners when limitation of a locomotive system functions is closely linked with a lack of motion or a bad lifestyle.
  • GYM Dynamic – an exercise exploiting a body motion from the initial to a final position and back in a certain rhythm. It is suitable for people without acute troubles who like to move.
  • Gym Veterans – an exercise exploiting combination of stretching exercises with breathing in a certain position. It is suitable mainly for older people.

Collection Unguent exploits priming of ointments on various parts of a body. There are available program series depended on an applied ointment.

Collection Total Gym – it utilises exercise on an exercise bench Total Gym. It is suitable for people who want to work out regularly. 

All collections (Collections) can comprise further programs focused on particular health trouble or program from Individual series.

Division according to a focus on health troubles.

A CBG program files Home makes possible to chose from special program series focused on a particular health troubles, but a particular application of these programes is posssible after a professional centre CK consulatation and possible contraindication elimination.

  • GYM Spine L – a proposed exercise series program for people with pain in the area of lumbar spine including a disc prolapse in an acute phase.
  • GYM Slim – a body mass regulation exercise program.



Individual exrecise series example                                                                                         Example of ointment priming on places identified by CBG