About method

What is CK – Computer Kinesiology?

 CK Computer Kinesiology is a computer system for diagnostic and a  design of a  functional disorders treatment, mainly of a locomotive system. 

Kinesilolgy is a discipline on a human body motion. It evaluates results of standard kineziology tests by means of a special software. CK utilises knowledge of many medicine branches, especially myoskeletal medicine, orthopaedics, neurology,  physiotherapy and physical medicine. It is the result of long-term researches, clinical tests and mutual cooperation of physicians and physiotherapists with mathematicians and engineers.

Why use CK system – Computer Kinesiology?

Diagnostic methods currently used in medical sphere (X-ray, CT, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, etc.) display „damage“ of a certain screened body part (fractures, tumors and other changes in tissue structures). But, a body does not have to be necessarily damaged, it is enough, if it is „wrongly adjusted“ and we can feel problems and even pain. We use a term „functional disorders“ for these conditions and states. Functional disorders can be detected, evaluated  by means of CK-Computer Kinesiology and we can design their effective teratment.

For  whom is the system CK Computer Kinesiology designed?

The system is mainly designed for people with acute as well as chronic troubles of a locomotive system, such as pain in back and joints, locomotive system troubles, disc prolapses, a faulty body posture, scoliosis, conditions after injuries and surgeries, difficulties with breathing, gyneacological troubles, blood vessel supply („cold legs“), immunity weakness, hormonal and metabolic imbalance, fatigue, tension and psychosomatic disorders and for everybody who wants to take care of his/her health condition and improve his/her physical condition and fitness.

How is a CK Computer Kinesiology system treatment implemented?

CK examination procedure is performed in the same way as procedures frequently used in physiotherapy. It is predominately implemented in an upright position to reveal hidden imbalances. The necessary entry condition of examination is examined person´s  ability to stand independently uprightly for 15 minutes at least and communicate with a therapist. He/she usually examines range of motions, compares muscle tension by means of palpation and finds sensitive sites in muscles according to a standard procedure set by computer. The results of individual tests are input in a system CK computer program. Regadless of individually felt troubles of patient the whole body is always tested because of necessity of mutual relationships inside a body.

Having processed input data the CK system  displays  a lot of information mainly on current muscle tension imbalances  and functional disorderes of a locomotive system including a  connection with organ functions, tissue quality as well as psyche condition. It makes possible to assume possible causes of a client´s health troubles. The test part output is not the diagnosis of an illenss, but a detection of „critical“ parts in a body that are causes of client´s troubles.                                                      

System CK makes possible to design an individual way of „tailor-made“ treatment in a relation to found current disbalances and functional disorderes. Likewise an every lock has got its fitted key, each dibalance has its optimal procedure to reach balance.

Treatment is implemented by means of various rehabilitation techniques (massages, vibrations, warmth application, emulsion  applications…) or with individually designed set of exercises. As far as the CK test part results detect further possible locomotive troubles apart from locomotive causes, there is a posibility of further changes of a lifestyle or other aimed clinical tests.

Who can operate The CK Computer Kinesiology system?

Currently, CK system incorporates a few tens of specialised programes that are segmented in accordance with professional skill of a user, according to used techniques, ways of working  or in accordance with professional specialization on specific health troubles.

CK system incorporates these basic professional levels:

.professional - (Profi) for physicians and physiotherapists,

.massage - (Wellness) for masseurs,

.exercise - (Wellness Gym) for exrcise centers and fitness,

.home use – (Home) individual and group (family).

Users of all professional levels who are sufficiently skilled  and experienced with a regular system CK and CBG operation can use other possibilities of program that are specified for experienced and skilled users. Basic level Start is designed for beginners, the level Advanced is designed for advanced users and skilled users can pass on the level Master.

A link of a professional system CK part with a wellness part for home use (CBG CyberBodyGuard) provides  an effective functional locomotive system  disorders therapy and preventive  tool.