Wellness GYM

For physical trainers

The Wellness GYM professional level has been designed for physical trainers. It is based around the same principles as the Profi professional level, yet has been modified for the level of knowledge and exercise techniques corresponding to the content of retraining courses for physical trainers.

In the optimisation part the CK Wellness GYM system sequentially shows the trainer the individual exercises and the positions for the exercises, the duration of each exercise, the intensity and the rhythm of the breathing or movement.

The programs in the CK Wellness GYM system are intended for sports and reconditioning exercise, they are not intended as medical treatment. The general contraindications for reconditioning exercise also apply to the use of CK Wellness GYM programs.

Compared to “classic” sports or reconditioning exercises, one great advantage of exercising under the CK Wellness GYM system is the modification of the set of exercises to the individual characteristics of each client and also any imbalances in their musculoskeletal system functions at any given moment according to the performed diagnosis. Each set of exercises is thus original, and optimised to the condition of the client. Exercise under CK Wellness GYM achieves a quicker and longer-lasting effect than regular exercise. We recommend supplementing exercise under CK Wellness GYM with the use of versions of the programs for exercise at home from the Home GYM level. If the exercises under CK Wellness GYM do not bring about the expected effect, we recommend requesting consultation regarding the results, or to undergo treatment at a CK professional specialist centre.