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Computer Kinesiology Profi

Principle CK – Computer kinesiology

The principle the system  CK Computer Kinesiology is based on Doc. MUDr. František Véle CSc. explained: „Kinesiology  is based on a scientifically verified finding that all organism disorders are displayed in our locomotive system and a lot of functional disodrers is possible to retroactively influence by means of locomotive system.“

Computer Kinesiology (CK, computer kinesilology) is a term for the medical expert information system  that is possible to be used for objectification of an early detection of a locomotive system functional disorders. In the course of the first checkup  CK makes possible to evaluate  severity of functional organism disorders (in general) and carry out a certain  differencial diagnostics of function disorders causes. Dynamics of CK finding changes in the course of further checkups (tree to five therapies) provides a prognostic value of a further  function change examination and it leads either towards a treatment continuation that is designed by CK system or to an indication of other diagnostic and therapeutical procedures in the fields of classic medicine.

Simplicity, reproducibility, economic modesty, standard algorithm of checkup  and posibility of statistical evaluation of  acquired data is a valuable  asset of the CK system.  The CK use makes possible to prove efficiency of  carried out therapy and it is valid for locomotive system functional disordrers objectification.  There is an extraordinary importace CK outputs validity in a case  of a scientific research. Usage of the CK system diagnostic part complies requests  Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), i.e. medical concept based on scientific evidence.

In the CK technology does not replace therapist´s  activity, but it makes possible to focus on      a detailed health patient troubles more comprehensively and quickly find possible causes including mutual relationships. A final therapy is effective and adequate to a current client condition.

CK – Computer Kinesiology - Description

CK – Computer Kinesiology is the expert and information system that itself includes several tens of specialised programs to diagnose and treat side imbalances and functional disorders of a locomotive system. Particular programs of the expert and information system are distinguished according to a user skills.  The CK system includes professional levels for physicians, physiotherapists, masseuers and trainers.  An integral part of CK is the part named CBG –  CyberBodyGuard that is intended to be used by trained clients for a regular preventive check of a health condition and a regulation starting disorders of functions. A link of specialised parts of CK system with a home part CBG Home is a huge tool of a health check condition and regulation of self-recovery processes. Handling with CBG Home motivates a client to change a lifestyle, it provides him/her feedback  about efficiency of  performed changes, it optimises an individual care of his/her health and it makes possible to a therapist to check a  therapy process from a distance and thus optimises a frequency of examinations in a specialised centre. CK professional skills enables to the therapist to evaluate client´s troubles and design an adequate individual therapy, possibly to recommend supplementary/extra examinations. Some specialised levels include specialised programs for functional disorders and spinal aches in a low back area (low back pain), a program for breathing system (suitable for example for chronical bronchitis and asthma bronchiale) or a specialised gyneacologist field.There is one principal valid for the whole CK system, which is that a higher professional level has got always access to more detailed information than the lower ones and higher professional levels enables an effective check of lower ones (physiotherapist can check a masseur activities or trainer, a physician can check all of them).

CK - Computer Kinesiology Parts

The CK system has got always these basic parts at least:

  • archive (client database)
  • test (diagnostic) part
  • evaluation part (an evaluation of saved data)
  • design part (a proposal of currently and individually rocommended therapeutic procedures)
  • an optimization part (an individual therapy)


Archive/database includes client´s card database. It enables to establish, archive, sort and process client´s card database. The client´s card includes basic client data, recorded examination/test/diagnostic results and performed therapies.

Test part (diagnostics)

In this part there are performed common  examination procedures  frequently used in physiotherapy, orthopaedics and neurology. Appropriate examination procedures are adjusted in accordance with professional level of a therapist who operates a certain program. A motion limitation range testing is used, trigger points searching or muscle tension comparison in case of selected muscle couples. 


The examination is implemented predominately in an upright position (in a postural load) to reveal hidden side body posture imbalances. CBG part is used to test a motion limitation range with a specially designed testing exercises set. Individual exercises are displayed on a monitor in a certain sequence. The therapist always performs a complete standard test set and examines a whole body regardless of a patient´s troubles. After all necessary data being saved into a computer, the program will perform a comprehensive analysis with the use of reflexive organ relations and a locomotive system. An analysis result is consequently displayed on a graph.

Evaluation part of CK Profi

This part diplays results of performed examination tests analysis with the CK system. The access to individual parts of the evaluation part is different and depends on a professional level of a therapist. Results are displayed through graphs/diagrams with accompanying data.


 A basic graph shows a total sum (it is possible to say degree) findings of locomotive system disordres from a biomechanical view, it mainly evaluates side differences in a muscle tension and joint movability. Every new colour bar means another done diagnostics in the test part. Height and colour of a certain bar is a simple indicator of a treatment efficiency which had been done with CK system. I the therapy is successful, the displayed degree of imbalance sholud be in another diagnostics lower. An ideal result of a virtual healthy, to the sides well balanced individual, is displayed through a yellow bar, a green bar is the area of a population standard, a blue bar demonstrates a light functional locomotive system disorders and a red bar show considerable functional locomotive system disorders. 

Another graph displays findings in locomotive segments (horizontal green line segment) and in locomotive chains (vertical blue line segments) according CK methodology.

The biggest amount of findings is displayed through a red bar, areas with the biggest number of reflexive bindings are marked with coloured signs. This area indication in a graph makes possible to the CK system to display reflexive relations of these areas towards other body parts, internal organs and endocrine glands. Numeral data in a lower central part of the graph demonstrate „overload“ of individual spine sections, show a locomotive system tissue quality and about its control. The graph can demonstrate a total information on an overall locomotive system function as a whole, on places with the most serious functional disorders, so called risk areas and their mutual realtions. In a case of repeated examinations the software enables to display and provide results of previous examinations of a certain client and compare mutual differences (improvement, deterioration) of particular displayed parameters. In case of a larger number of diagnostic records it enables to „replay“ their proportions in time and so reveal areas that are constantly repeated in records and thus represent future health hazards. Such a record is a very valuable lead for physicians in plannig a long-term medical and preventive client plan.

 The expert and information CK system presents in another diagnostic part a group of pictures that show the most endangered places in areas of muscles, bones, spine, joints, ligaments, ribs, internal organs and endocrine glands. An icon in the picture shows a reflexively linked place (an organ), a number on a lower side of the icon shows a number of reflexive links that the expert system has detected in the connection between the function of this place (organ) and a locomotive system dysfunctions. Another datum in a bracket provides a percent proportion of links in relation to the highest number of found links. A decisive is a dynamics of changes of these findings after repeated diagnostics followed by a consequent teratment.



Design part CK Profi

On a base of detected locomotive system dysfunctions in the test part the CK system will design a suitable inidividual therapeutical procedure of a current condition. Similarly to the situations when every lock has got its fitted key, so every locomotive system dyfunctional condition has got its „key“, that can solve detected dysfunctions. A therapist has got a posibility to chose a way of therapy (physiotherapy techniques, various massages, various exercises, etc) on the base of a test part results. He/she can also use an external database where he/she will send a client´s archive and he/she will receive a specially designed therapy procedure. This therapeutical design he/she can leave on CK system in an automatic or manual mode. A level of healing procedures difficulty designed with the CK system can be anytime changed by the therapist in accordance with his/her experience, time of a whole treatment can be changed as well. This design part of the CK system reperesents only informative and consultative function. Only a therapist who works with a certain client can decide on a way and difficulty of a treatment. The system itself automatically recalculates a designed treatment system in accordance with parametres approved by the therapist. Even in a course of a treatmnet the thertapist can have whichever of designed ways of treatments recalculated and so adjust less demanding parametres or a certain operation omit because of contraindication. This design part provides various procedures of treatment, whereas each of them can be used in various subprograme modes with various coverage. In brief, we call these subprogrames DISK. Each workplace choses these DISKs individually in accordance with prevailing clientele or according to its focus on various health troubles. Disks are classified in various groups (called Collection) according to the way of treatment.

These collections that are used by lower specialised levels (Wellness, Wellness Gym, Home), can use programs on a higher specialised level Profi, but these ones use more complex algorithms of a treatment designs, they use a bigger amount of therapeutical procedures and exercises, more treated body places.

The List of Main Collections:

Collection Massage has got this DISKs choice

  • Disk Massage Manual- uses manual procedures, this kind of DISK treatment is suitable for people with a high physical load – and sportsmen.
  • Disk Massage Manual Relax – it is mainly suitable for people, whose locomotive troubles does not come from mechanical origin, but significantly relates with unsuitable lifestyle and psychical overload.
  • Disk Massage Manual Points – pressure massage treatment in seleceted points. The treatment is suitable as a preparatory phase on further massage procedures, possibly as a finalising therapy.
  • Disk Massage Manual Individual – it is adjusted for people who have made their own profile. It corrects locomotive system functions fitted to asymmetry, when the client feels best.

Collection Gymnastic uses various types of exercises. There are (in accordance with a special exercise kind) these programes available

  • Classic – exercise based on a special controlled kind of breathing in a special position. It is suitable mainly for beginners, when limited functions of locomotion system are closely related to a lack of motion or a bad lifestyle.
  • Dynamic – exercise that utilises a body motion from the initial to a final position and back in a certain rhythm. It is suitable for people without acute troubles who like to move.
  • Veterans – exercise utilises stretching exercises combination with breathing in a certain position. It is suitable mainly for older people.

Collection Total Gym – it utilises exercise on an exercise bench Total Gym. It is suitable for people who want to work out regularly.

Collection Unguent – it utilises spreding ointments on various body parts. According to applied ointment there are these programes available.

  • Unguent Boby Star – it uses massage emulsion BOBY Star that is mainly suitable for sportsmen or people with a big physical load.
  • Unguent Traumaplant – it uses an ointment TRAUMAPLANT. It is suitable mainly for people with joint troubles.
  • Unguent JUST – it uses various ointments JUST, that is mainly suitable for sportsmen or people with a big physical load/strain.
  • Unguent Karitol – it uses massage emulsion Karitol that is mainly suitable for sportsmen or people with a big physical load.

Optimization Part (therapy)

In an optimization part the CK system gradually displays to a therapist individual operations with used treatment method, place, time intensity and a rhythm effect.


A basic therapy requires usually 3 – 5 consultations in a specialised centre in a short time subsequently for dynamics of changes of reflexive links evaluation and a final decision on a long – term therapic and preventive plan.

A therapeutic exercise system is possible to be performed in CK centres under an expert supervision or, after being instructed, individually at home. There is  also  a system CBG CyberBodyGuard that is designed to be used at home and it can make possible to check and positively influence a health condition out of a specialised CK centre consulatations.

CK use

The CK system is possible to be operate in a health care system (predominately in orthopaedics surgeries, podiatry, neurology, physiotherapy, myosceletal medicine, etc.), but in a non – medical sphere of a primary prevention too (massage centres, fitness centres, wellness centres, etc.) or as a part of a complete care system in specialised centres of spas, specialised medical institutions and so on.

Specialized/professional levels CK

Specialized – (Profi) for physicians and therapists,

Massage – (Wellness) for masseurs,

Exercise – (WellnessGym) for exrcise centres and fitness.

System CBG CyberBodyGuard is designed for individual use by experienced clients. Programs of all levels store/record complete information about locomotive system functions.  In the evaluation part they display only information relates to a concrete special level. The higher level, the more information and treatment procedures are available to a specialist. A higher level can check a lover one.


The CK enables a comprehensive a highly individualised approach towards a client. The system is primarily designed for prevention and treatment of functional disoders of locomotive system. The CK system is suitable to be used for treatmnet of secondary reflexive functional disorders (postoperative, post – traumatic conditions, etc.) and for stabilization of functions in case of chronic diseases. It can be successfully indicated for psychosomatic diseases and it has an important role in an differential LPB diagnostics and in case of disk hernia.


A physician or therapeutist must be informed on important circumstances concerning a state of health before a CK treatment beginning (injuries, operations, a current treatmnet, applied medicines). A client fills in a questionnarie and signs an informative agreement with a treatmnet. A diagnostics part can be done under one condition that an examined person must be able to stand himself/herself and communicate with a therapist within 15 minutes at least. For a therapeutical part is valid a binding rule that only the therapist can decide whether a CK system designed procedure can be really carried out because of a general RFM field contraindication.


Main advantages of the CK system are:

  • Lege Artis Method – CK uses commonly applied surgery  examination and medical ways and it combines them with a unique procedure,
  • individualisation – CK is focused on a patient, not on a diagnosis,
  • adequacy – every treatment takes into account a current patient condition,
  • comprehensiveness – a detailed computer analysis with a use of various medical branches provides a complex patient image,
  • efficiency – with a correction of critical places that are a cause of difficulties is achieved a quick and long – term effect without a negative strain of a patient,
  • simplicity – a whole diagnostics and a final evaluation is easy and it takes 15 – 20 minutes,
  • a standard quality – CK assures the same diagnostics quality and treatmnet in various centres,
  • consistency­ – CK forms a consistent care system from preventive diagnostics and correction done by patiens to a specialised tratment done by physicians,
  • continual treatment – a link of a home and special level of diagnostics enables to a physician to get a long – term survey on changes in a patient´s body without going to a surgery,
  • mass character – it is suitable for a mass prevention because of its comprehensiveness and simplicity,
  • investment easiness – CK installment does not need any purchase of special equipment as well as a large investments.


The CK is not subsidised by a health insurance system.

Protection of restricted information

Protection of restricted information within the whole CK system is assured on all levels. Information is saved into PC under a personal unique code that is known only to a patient and a treating physician or therapist. All the data are saved in encrypted form and they are secured in several ways against an unauthorized misuse.


We can recommend possibilities provided with a link of expert levels of  expert and information CK system with a CBG CyberBodyGuard part for an individual home check.You can have a permanent check of a body physical condition with a specialist supervision „remotely“.