Home GYM Low Back Pain Player

A program that enables the design of sets of exercises for people with chronic pain in the lumbar part of the spine, without shooting pain into the lower limbs. These exercises are primarily suitable for generalised pain (stiffness) in the lumbar region in cases when the pain is usually greatest in the morning or after sitting for a long time and where the pain and stiffness gradually recede with movement. If there is shooting pain or tingling in the lower limbs, use the Home GYM Spine L Player program. These exercises can quickly reduce stiffness and pain.

The program designs a set of exercises based on a set of diagnostics performed at a CK professional centre. It employs a special method of breathing in a specific position. The condition for its use is regular visits to a CK professional centre, where they give you a check-up and examination using professional versions of CK programs and provide you with the diagnosis results, which you can then upload to your home version of the program “Home GYM Low Back Pain Player”. This enables the creation of sets of exercises updated for each day from these results. You can set the exercise intensity according to your current condition, and set the maximum duration of each set of exercises. One great advantage is that a character shows you the exercises on the screen and there are also acoustic signals for breathing rhythm or movement speed. The exercises thus achieve far greater effects than sets printed on paper. This program is strictly individual.