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Jana M. 66 years old, Chrudim

About life before old age

All my life I had been physically active and enjoyed exercise, yet one day 6 years ago I got a terrible surprise. I suddenly could not get out of the bath. I immediately thought, “Here comes old age and its helplessness”. So I asked myself what I could do about it and since then have enjoyed the best possible outcome! I began going regularly to Centrum zdraví in Pardubice for treatment using Computer Kinesiology. I always get a new individual set of exercises after an examination and massage. I then do these exercises every morning and evening. Now I cannot imagine living without them.

Today I feel great. I am flexible, more productive, and the exercises banish any pain and fatigue I get after strenuous work. I have no problem with the bath and I enjoy life. The exercises help me not only physically but psychologically. Thank you Mr Morávek!