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Ing. Miroslav M., 42 years old, Prague

Joint and back pain

I had suffered from back and joint pain since university. I suffered every day, sometimes less, but sometimes it limited what I could do. The mornings were the worst, and I was completely stiff when I got out of bed. The rehabilitation I was repeatedly sent to usually had no effect, and I actually felt worse after some of the procedures. The medication prescribed by my physician slightly improved the pain for a short time, yet did not resolve the problem, and started to make me feel ill after longer use. In addition, I realised that it was not treating the problem but only suppressing my awareness of it. The only thing that helped me to any extent was exercise, taught by a physiotherapist. I tried to establish the cause of my problems, yet all the examinations produced normal results. One physician recommended a Computer Kinesiology examination to me. The result of this examination greatly surprised me. It showed that the main cause of my problems was poor tissue quality caused by lack of fluids. It was explained to me that 6 to 8 coffees and a glass of juice for lunch is not proper fluid intake. So according to the recommendations I replaced my coffee with tea and increased my fluid intake to 2.5 litres per day. I learned to practice my set of exercises designed by the Home GYM Classic program according to my individual movement asymmetries. I was surprised how quickly these had an effect. On the third day the pain significantly lessened, and after a week of exercise and maintaining my fluid intake they completely disappeared. I understood that I had been dehydrated for years. I have now been without any symptoms for over 2 years. I would never have imagined that so little was needed to get rid of my pain.