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Hana P., 49 years old, Litoměřice

Acute back pain

Hana was treated through massage according to Computer Kinesiology for acute back pain, which was worst in the lumbar area. Pain in her right heel was a chronic problem, especially after she had been standing for some time. So she was trained to exercise at home using the Home GYM Spine L program. After one week of exercise she sent us the following e-mail:

“Subject: HP – back pain. Text: Dear Mr Morávek, I would like to thank you so much. My terrible back pain stopped after only two days of exercise. Now it only hurts occasionally and hardly at all. I also feel a great improvement in my heel. Thank you!!! H.P.Litoměřice"

A follow-up examination three weeks later showed that her results were now within the normal range for the healthy population.