Home GYM Classic

This program enables the creation of individual sets of exercises that a special method of breathing in a specific position (exercise). It is suitable for regular daily care of the musculoskeletal system for people who lack suitable physical activity. This enables the creation of sets of exercises based on a set of diagnostics performed at a professional or exercise centre. It is also possible to perform your own diagnosis of your current condition. The diagnosis part includes 9 pairs of exercises. Try to perform the exercises that are displayed in sequence by the diagnostic part and evaluate how well you were able to perform each exercise. The most important thing is to focus on any differences between how you performed the exercise on the right and left sides of your body. The program assesses the values you enter and displays the current overall condition of your musculoskeletal system. This means you can regularly check the changes in your condition over time. The design part of the Home GYM Classic program allows the creation, from the results of the diagnosis, of a set of exercises updated for each day. You can set the exercise intensity according to your current condition, and set the maximum duration of each set of exercises. One great advantage is that a character shows you the exercises on the screen and there are also acoustic signals for breathing rhythm or movement speed. The effect of these exercises is thus significantly greater than if you simply performed a fixed set of exercises. This program is strictly individual.