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Jiří P., 55 years old, Liberec

Slipped disc

I am a carpenter and have my own workshop. My long working hours at the machines and handling heavy objects is hard, especially for my back. My back used to get stiff after heavy exertion and, what was worst, I had lumbar pain. This usually disappeared after a few days if I worked less. On 2 July 2015, when assembling a wooden staircase, I jumped off a ladder and felt a sharp pain that shot into my left leg. I had never felt a sharp pain shooting into my leg like this before. The pain meant I had to stop working. The pain medication, injections and other procedures did not help and my condition worsened. I could not put any weight on my leg and I even stopped having any sensation in the lower part of my leg. Further examinations were planned because there was strong suspicion that the last lumbar disc had slipped. A friend of mine recommended examination by Computer Kinesiology, which had helped him when he had a slipped disc. He told me that he had had similar symptoms and had been rushed to the front of the queue for an operation on his spine. The examination by Computer Kinesiology helped him so much that he cancelled the operation the next day. I was initially examined at Centrum zdraví JONA on 9 July. The Computer Kinesiology examination confirmed that the last lumbar sic was affected. I was surprised that after a short massage, which focused on my legs and arms, the pain subsided and I could once again put some weight on my left leg. The Computer Kinesiology system proposed an individual set of exercises, which I did several times a day at home. I was also recommended to change my lifestyle, primarily my fluid intake, diet and herbal teas. I walked normally to my next check-up a week later and the Computer Kinesiology examination confirmed that I was now outside the acute problem range. I was now able to go to work to manage the completion of an important contract. This time the massage was longer and focused on more muscles. I got a new set of exercises and we arranged another check-up a week later. There we saw further improvement in spite of the fact that I had already started to work again, albeit less strenuously. Since then I have been regularly performing my set of exercises, and I have changed some of my habits. I have no pain and feel 10 years younger and stronger.